Encounters on the Edge (issues 21-40)



21-small21. Reading: the Signs
by George Lings - download
How do you connect with teenagers who have never been to church? Where do you start? Where will it lead? Reading these signs is far from easy. George Lings investigates an Anglican church in Reading who are finding a way forward.

22-small22. Mission-shaped Church: The Inside and Outside View
by George Lings and Bob Hopkins - download
With General Synod’s approval of Mission-shaped Church in February 2004, will this Church of England report about Anglican church planting and fresh expressions of Church make any difference?

23-small23. New Housing, New Partnerships?
by George Lings - download
Does ecumenical church planting mean death by bureaucracy? How are mission-minded church plants being grown on the new housing developments? Do multiple denominational churches show us a way forward?

24-small24. OASIS - Work in Progress
by George Lings - download
How can the worlds of church and work be connected? What are we learning about mission to the workplace? Can church be formed at work? George Lings heard of an oasis planted in a demanding workplace and went to investigate.



25-small25. A Short Intermission - How can church be expressed within the arts?
by George Lings - download
The influence of media and arts is huge. However, some say church and the arts don’t mix; both can think the one tends to corrupt the other. What might happen in a safe space where both could explore and flourish?

26-small26. A Rocha - Christians, Conservation and the Community
by George Lings - download
As environmental concern grows, Christians are belatedly adding to the ecological voice. The charity A Rocha has been active in this process for over 20 years. Is this another emerging expression of Church?

27-small27. The Village and Fresh Expressions - Is rural different?
by George Lings - download
Some say planting churches only works in urban areas. A variety of stories are emerging to contradict that. What variety of people are are in countryside and why? Can one expression of Church, even the traditional, suit everybody?

28-small28. Rural Cell Church - A new wayside flower
by George Lings - download
Cell churches seem to be a natural home for people coming to faith through process evangelism courses. But how well does cell suit the countryside?



29-small29. Northumbria Community: Matching Monastery and Mission
by George Lings - download
Could new monasticism be of greater significance than most other fresh expressions of Church because it invites us into deeper life in Christ? Northumbria Community are one group exploring this.

30-small30. Discernment in Mission: Navigation Aids for Mission-Shaped Processes
by George Lings - download
As more people sail off on the adventure of starting fresh expressions of church, it is apparent that many lack crucial information that would help them steer better. This issue offers some tactical and biblical frameworks.

31-small31. Small Beginnings: Church for Under 5s
by Claire Dalpra - download
What fresh expressions of church are beginning among under 5s and their families? How is spirituality nurtured in children of this age? When does work with under 5s qualify as a fresh expression of church and what do they have to teach us?

32-small32. Simpler Church: Where time is at a premium
by George Lings - download
How can we create ways of being church which are simpler yet keep essentials? What sort of meetings actually enable people to meet and grow as disciples of Christ. How simple is it to keep it this simple?



33-small33. Café Church 1 - Cafe, croissants and Christ?
by George Lings - download
As café has established itself as an accepted part of British public life, there is a case that this culture should be embraced by church members. This is being done in very varied ways and will take two issues to explore properly.

34-small34. Café Church 2 - Double Jesus with cream and sugar?
by George Lings - download
Today the best examples of mission are journeying into surrounding cultures, not persuading people to come into church culture. How does this work in café culture? We found three stories taking honourable risks to venture out beyond church venues.

35-small35. Changing Sunday - "Come and go": beyond attractional church
by George Lings - download
Come and Go is a good example of shaping church around the needs of those who find its patterns don't fit. Deeper than that, what happens when existing churches are serious about discipleship, creating community and enabling lay ministry?

36-small36. Leading Fresh Expressions - lessons from hindsight
by George Lings - download
What happens when the pioneer moves on? What did hindsight reveal about strengths and mistakes? We are grateful to two leaders who were candid about their own stories.



37-small37. Chasing the Dream - Starting community
by Claire Dalpra - download
What can we learn from intentional Christian communities? What would they say were the classic mistakes to avoid? How can community be authentic? And how does community aid them in their mission task?

38-small38. The Cost of Community - Issues of maturity
by Claire Dalpra - download
What might help the communities in fresh expressions of Church grow beyond good starts to longer lasting effectiveness? What can we learn from intentional Christian communities that will help fresh expressions of Church grow mature community?

39-small39. Hope Among the Hopeless - Connecting with the urban poor
by George Lings - download
Can we find ways to create the kind of Christian community that engages well in urban areas which exhibit the reality of a post-Christendom society and are in the grip of poverty?

40-small40. People Try to Put Us Down - Fresh expressions with older people
by George Lings - download
Given the age profile of many of our churches, why do we need to keep older people as a priority in our mission endeavours? Are fresh expressions of Church wanted by older people?

Andrew Wooding, 15/02/2017