Carolyn Kinsman, 25/05/2017

who we work with 

Church Army's history is rooted in our commitment to sharing faith through words and actions. We work beyond church buildings amongst some of the most broken, rejected and hurting in society. We also help equip, resource and train others to do evangelism in their own context. That is why we introduced our DARE strategy: Doing, Advocating, Resourcing and Enabling Evangelism.

Although we work in a wide variety of contexts throughout the British Isles and Ireland, below is an indication of some of the areas in which we work:

Children and young people

The Amber Project - Project supporting young people aged 14 to 25 in Cardiff and the surrounding areas, who have experience of self-harm
Xplore - Evangelism training for young adults
Church Army Residential Services Cardiff - Working with vulnerable and homeless young people in Cardiff
Sorted Project - Bradford Centre of Mission - A church for young people, run by young people
Greenwich Centre of Mission
Selby Centre of Mission
Sheffield Centre of Mission


Marylebone Project - Project for homeless women in London, one of the largest projects of it's kind in the British Isles
Church Army Residential Services Cardiff - Working with vulnerable and homeless young people in Cardiff
Made in Marylebone - Social enterprise at our Marylebone Project for homeless women in London

Elderly people

Thanet Centre of Mission
Southampton Centre of Mission
Greenwich Centre of Mission

Vulnerable people

Project for vulnerable women (North of England)
Thanet Centre of Mission
Sheffield Centre of Mission

Resourcing and training

Training and vocations
Stepping into evangelism
Faith Pictures

For any more information about any of these projects or Centres of Mission please contact:
Mark Lavender (Trusts Officer) Tel: 0114 252 1658 or email:

Carolyn Kinsman, 25/05/2017