Since 1882 Church Army has had a heart for the marginalised and vulnerable, those on the edges of society. Our history over the last 130 years shows a legacy of transformed lives and hearts, as well as practical support and care in often the most desperate of situations, an enduring legacy of God’s love and hope breaking into people’s lives.

We are incredibly proud of the history of Church Army, of all it has achieved, of all the lives impacted and changed over the years, and its vision and values. Whilst today's Church Army may look very different to the Church Army of our founder Wilson Carlile’s day those visions and values are still the same today as they were 130 years ago, with a commitment to sharing our faith through words and actions, in a variety of contexts, throughout the British Isles and Ireland.

All that we do today is based on that amazing legacy, on those memories, on the passion; commitment and hard work of all those who have gone before us – the past, the present and the future of Church Army are inextricably linked. We want to celebrate the past by making a commitment to the future.

We are at an incredibly exciting stage in our history, with a passion to continue our DARE Strategy (Doing, Advocating, Resourcing and Enabling evangelism), and to see more Centres of Mission launched especially in challenging places where the church struggles to make an impact. We will continue to seek more opportunities to train and empower people in evangelism and to inspire more people to serve their communities and make a difference.

Church Army is not just about the people who work for it, its evangelists, its staff and volunteers, or its work and projects – we would not be able to do what we do without those that faithfully support us, those who pray with us and for us and those who financially support us. The life and work of Church Army is a partnership, between God, us and you!

Because of our history, because of people's kindness to us in that, providing that history and that finance we can go into the future together, to where the need is and continue to make a difference.

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What is your #CALegacyStory?

To celebrate Church Army's legacy we would love to hear your favourite Church Army stories, stories of how Church Army has impacted your life, your memories, what Church Army means to you, how it has inspired you. Do you have a special memory of Church Army? Did Church Army help you in some way in the past? Is there a particular part of Church Army’s history that plays an important part in your history? You can share your stories and pictures through Instagram and Twitter by using the hashtag #CALegacyStories or you can share your stories here.

The stories of Church Army’s past are our legacy but what legacy are we currently building? What will be the legacy we are leaving going forward?