Carolyn Kinsman, 11/10/2017
Team pic May 2010-cropped
Church Army's Research Unit (formerly The Sheffield Centre) compiled a twice-yearly team research bulletin with the purpose of either giving people a flavour of what we were discovering in our research or tackling a particular topic all together.



RB1 (Winter 2007-08)  Intro to the bulletin and to the team
RB2 (Summer 2008)  Urban mission and valuing people
RB3 (Winter 2008-09)  From the synagogue to the marketplace
RB4 (Summer 2009)  Mission among vulnerable people
RB5 (Winter 2009-10)  Seven sacred spaces
RB6 (Summer 2010)  Transitions: so far, but no further?
RB7 (Winter 2010-11)  Models of engagement
RB8 (Summer 2011)  Larger churches and fresh expressions
RB9 (Winter 2011-12)  Leadership succession
RB10 (Summer 2012)  Report on fxC statistics from Liverpool diocese
RB11 (Winter 2012-13)  Modality and metaphor


Andrew Wooding, 15/02/2017