Carolyn Kinsman, 11/10/2017
Written and edited by Michael Collyer, the Discovering Faith in Later Life series was a resource to motivate, challenge and encourage the wider church to take the spiritual needs of older people seriously.

The series also engaged in some theological reflection to assist leaders to think theologically about how a mission-shaped church might respond to the ever increasing older population who no longer have experience of church, or indeed lack a basic understanding of the Christian faith.
DFiLL 1 PARCHE (Mar 2004) Pastoral Action in Residential Care Homes for the Elderly
DFiLL 2 St Stephen's (Sep 2004) Christ to elderly and lonely in East Twickenham
DFiLL 3 PSALM (Mar 2005) Developing work with and for older people in the Edmonton Episcopal Area
DFiLL 4 Outlook Trust (Dec 2005) Christian hope and encouragement for older people
DFiLL 5 Holiday at Home (Jun 2006) Running events for older people during the summer holidays
DFiLL 6 SAGA (Mar 2007) What church for the SAGA generation? Cultural shifts in the younger old
DFiLL 7 Regenerate-RISE (Jul 2008) Reaching the ISolated Elderly: mission in an urban context
DFiLL 8 Urban Mission (Feb 2009) Urban mission and older people: stories of Sheffield churches
DFiLL 9 Abbeyfield (Jun 2009) Assisting spirituality in residential establishments


Andrew Wooding, 15/02/2017