Hannah Ling, 19/09/2019

Ty Bronna

Our Ty Bronna Project works with homeless young people (aged 16-21) in Cardiff to provide them with accommodation and help them into independent living. It has a heart for giving young people a fair chance in life.

As well as accommodation, young people receive support to gain the skills to move on from Ty Bronna and live independently. This includes education, training and employment, understanding welfare benefits and tenancy rights, cooking and domestic skills and budgeting skills. We provide 24-hour support and house up to 13 young people at once.

Some of these young people have nowhere else to call home because their families no longer have space for them, they are living in unsuitable accommodation or leaving care.

Rees is one of the young people who came to Ty Bronna. At 16, Rees got in with the wrong crowd and started drinking and smoking cannabis. He tells us how Ty Bronna has helped him to make a U-turn in his life and embark on his journey towards adulthood. Read Rees' story.

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