Carolyn Kinsman, 25/05/2017
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We believe that the gospel changes lives and we want to inspire you in sharing the gospel with others. In Stepping into evangelism, we will think through together how we can share faith with chapters such as:

  • Why is evangelism God's idea?
  • How to share your story
  • Who can you share your story with?
  • Leading people to Jesus and what next?
  • How can your church reach the community?
  • Changing world, changing church - exploring fresh expressions of church
  • Making the most of Christmas and Easter
  • Community events and outreach
  • Church Army's story

Justin Welby"When Pharaoh kept the people of God slaves he instructed them to make bricks but didn't give them the straw they needed to make them. Our God is entirely the opposite - God charges us with a task then gives us what we need. This resource is a gift from God, via Church Army, to enable each of us to live out the most freeing, exciting and life-giving of mandates that God offers: to be witnesses to Jesus Christ. This is just the kind of thing we need."
- The Archbishop of Canterbury, The Most Rev and Rt Hon Justin Welby

John Sentamu"I am delighted with this publication which is a wonderful resource which will help both individuals and churches to share their faith. I am particularly struck by the practical nature of this booklet and the rich range of examples and tips you provide. Stepping into evangelism will be a really rich source for Christians to use and it should certainly help them to grow in confidence as they seek to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with others." - The Archbishop of York, The Most Rev and Rt Hon John Sentamu

How do I get a copy?

We're currently re-printing Stepping into evangelism so check back here in upcoming months to see the new copies unveiled - watch this space!

For now though, have a look at our other resources - Faith Pictures, why on earth... ? and Now a Christian - or have a read of stories of lives transformed online or in our Catalyst magazine.

Carolyn Kinsman, 29/05/2018