Carolyn Kinsman, 15/08/2017
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Welcome to the latest edition of our supporter magazine, Catalyst!

As we begin to head out of summer and towards autumn, it’s hard not to think how different this last season has been for so many people. Both together and apart, COVID-19 has brought to our doorstep a challenge like no other. From the personal struggles of remaining at home, caring for loved ones we can’t visit or unemployment, to a global awakening to the issue of racism; following the death of George Floyd in May, no-one has been left unaffected by this pandemic.

But with lockdown now easing in many places; restaurants, shops and churches reopening, it almost feels, for some, as though life is starting to return to some sort of normal. But sadly this is not everyone’s story. For many the impact of coronavirus has made the future uncertain, particularly for those whose reality is already one of poverty, isolation, persecution or daily struggle. That is why we have been busier than ever. Where need rises, so does our passion and involvement, in bringing a practical hope to those parts of the UK and Ireland where it is needed the most.

We hope you enjoy reading about what is happening right now in the life of Church Army and where people across the UK and Ireland are encountering God’s love; your support makes it all possible.

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Carolyn Kinsman, 15/08/2017
Carolyn Kinsman, 15/08/2017