Hannah Ling, 10/10/2019


Taking inspiration from the Las Posadas festival, Church Army's Advent resource enables churches and families to journey through the Christmas story by hosting Mary and Joseph. It's a chance to invite those in your community to join in on the fun as well as reflect on those who don't have a place to stay, just like Mary and Joseph didn't have a place to stay when they arrived in Bethlehem.

Download all you need to run Posada:

The Posada Guide is the place to start - download the guide to find out what Posada is and how you or your church could run it this Advent.
Download our simple sign-up form to plan who will host Mary and Joseph over Advent.
Read the Christmas story and then talk or reflect about how Mary and Joseph might have felt, and how it might feel for someone who has no place to stay today.
The Posada Prayer is our Advent prayer - download the prayer to help your church and family reflect and intercede on the Advent journey in the run up to Christmas.
Mary and Joseph's Travel Diary - download the Travel Diary to help your children and young people understand the steps Mary and Joseph are taking during the Advent Journey on the way to the manger.
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