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Church Army's podcast | Episode 1: A picture-perfect Christmas? 

We have launched our very first podcast episode - listen and subscribe to Everyone Everywhere on Spotify now!

In this first episode, join Chris and Hannah as they discuss why Christmas never seems to live up to the holiday hype.

We hear from Church Army Evangelist, Maureen Greaves who tells us her story of the worst Christmas imaginable and how Jesus, through faith, gave her the extraordinary strength to get through it.

Maureen's new book Murder on Christmas Eve (written by Maureen Greaves and Roger Carswell) can be purchased at

Listen below, and then subscribe to the Everyone Everywhere podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts so you won't ever miss an episode!

Let us know whether you can relate to the feelings of disappointment at Christmas, and what stuck out to you most from Maureen's story.
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Hannah Ling, 10/12/2019