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Death, Grief & Hope

These free resources look to tell the truth about what happens when someone dies and how we can understand our feelings. They answer questions we might have and offer some ways of learning to live with the pain of saying goodbye.

The resources look at:

  • Grief, and how it can affect us.
  • How we can positively remember the person who has been lost.
  • How saying goodbye is different because of the current crisis.
  • Why Christians are still hopeful.
The resource comes in three formats. One, written by experienced school chaplain David Booker, is specifically for young people and youthworkers. The second, is for adults and has been adapted from the version for young people by Mike Reeder, a Church Army Evangelist and Senior Chaplain at St Luke's Hospice, Sheffield. We have also worked closely with Rev’d Dearnley, the Anglican and Headquarters Chaplaincy Advisor, to adapt Death, Grief and Hope specifically for use in prisons. We know that many in prison are uniquely affected by grief and loss, and so we wanted to ensure this resource was appropriate for Chaplains to use in that context. You can download each of the resources below.

Death, Grief & Hope for Young People

Death Grief and Hope cover

  Download Death, Grief and Hope

Death, Grief & Hope for Adults

Death, Grief & Hope - Adults
Download Death, Grief and Hope

Death, Grief & Hope - Prison version

Death Grief & Hope - Prison Version

  Download Death, Grief and Hope
Carolyn Kinsman, 21/04/2020