Carolyn Kinsman, 13/12/2017


Debs was struggling. But then she met Jane Emson, a Church Army Evangelist and Community Outreach Worker in Winn Gardens estate, Sheffield and Jane introduced her to Jesus. Deborah tells us a bit of her story...

Debs and Jane"When I first met Jane, I was suffering terribly with mental health problems. I couldn’t go out by myself and had withdrawn from society.

I went as part of therapy into a wallpaper shop and Jane chatted to me there and invited me to an ASK course on Winn Gardens; I went to the course and felt God speak to me personally.

After giving myself to Jesus, my trust began to grow. Jane asked me to volunteer, I was so nervous; but I knew she could guide me; I volunteered at Kids/Youth/Homework/Craft clubs and before long with Jane’s mentorship, I acquired a full-time job at a nursery.

I realise that through Jesus I am loved, valued and important and I want other people to know that they are too. Our Church is a place where we meet people; right where they are at. I’m so blessed that Jane met me where I was at; my life really has been transformed completely.

I now lead and preach at our Church and am in the application process of entering Church Army and hope to be a mentor like Jane for others that are on the margins of society."

Jane Emson was commissioned as a Church Army Evangelist in 2017 and has been the Community Outreach Worker for St John's Owlerton since 2013. In May 2016 she sold her home and then felt a strong call from God to live on Winn Gardens estate. Doing this has opened lots more opportunities to share the gospel. Her vision is to see the lives of people living on the Winn Gardens estate changed.

Jane tells us that she has seen the Lord work in many people and has been blessed to have led around 80 people to Jesus, with many gone on to be baptised. Deborah's story is just one of the many stories Jane could tell.

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Carolyn Kinsman, 13/12/2017